kanchipuram silk sarees

Kanchipuram Silks are famous silk sarees made in the Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu in India.These sarees are worn as bridal & special occasion sarees by most women in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.

Kancheepuram silk Saree is the supposed to be most superior silk saree in the world. It is double warped and double weft. the The Jari in the motifs is incorporated by dipping the silk thread into liquid gold and silver. This enhances the beauty and the value of the silk saree.
Kanchipuram saris woven with heavy silk and gold threads are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities.
According to Hindu mythology, Kanchi silk weavers are the descendants of Sage Markanda, the master weaver of Gods who is supposed to have woven tissue from lotus fiber. Also, while cotton is considered to be the favourite fabric of Lord Shiva, silk was preferred by Lord Vishnu.
The sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk thread. The pure mulberry silk used in the making of Kanchipuram saris comes from South India and the zari comes from Gujarat.

To weave a Kanchipuram sari three shuttles are used. While the weaver works on the right side, his aide works on the left side shuttle. The border color and design are usually quite different from the body. If the pallu (the hanging end of the sari) has to be woven in a different shade, it is first separately woven and then delicately joined to the Sari. The part where the body meets the pallu is often denoted by a zig zag line.In a genuine Kanchipuram Silk Sari, body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together. The joint is woven so strongly that even if the sarees tears, the border will not detach.That differentiates the kanchivaram silk sarees from the others.
Saris are distinguished by their wide contrast borders. Temple borders, checks, stripes and floral (buttas) are traditional designs found on a Kanchipuram sarees.The patterns and designs in the kanchipuram sarees were inspired with images and scriptures in South Indian temples or natural features like leaves, birds and animals.
These are sarees with rich woven pallu showing paintings of Raja Ravi Varma and epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana.
Kanchipuram sarees vary widely in cost depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, pattern, material used like zari (gold thread) etc. The silk is also known for its quality and craftsmanship, which has helped earn its name.
Kanchipuram saris woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities.
Where to buy Silk Sarees.
All the silk shops are located in Gandhi Road and Nadu street of kanchipuram.
There are private shops and Government Silk Co operative shops. The prices are little bit high in Government Silk shops but sarees will be genuine.

The well known private shops are A.S. Babusha and prakash silks.
The famous government shops are Aringar Anna, kanchi kamatchi sill society.
The price of the silk sarees starts from Rs. 6000 up to few lakhs.
But beware of brokers who will guide you to some shop and get commission for your purchase. Even auto drivers will also act as brokers and straight away take you to their commision shops.
Usually the shops are open form 9.00 am to 7.00 pm all week days except sunday.
Most of Government Silk Co operative shops will remain closed on sunday.

Reselling old sarees
Old used sarees are rebought in some shops for cheaper prices.. They are extracting the gold and silver available in the old used sarees. But one cannot expect much price while selling old sarees. One such such a shop is located in the seikhpet street, which is linking street between Gandhi Road and Nadu street